New Album “Everybody’s Making Lemonade” to be released March 14th!

Our brand new album “Everybody’s Making Lemonade” is now available! We had an amazing time at ChapELFM for the release night. Reviewers are liking it so far and its been getting some good radio play. Order you copy in the McStore now.

“The main problem I have with a band as good and consistent as The Blind Dead McJones band is with each offering I stop and say to myself “This is my favourite”, “No wait, this one is” and with each track as I listen I repeat this like some sort of mantra.”Muff, Manchester Rocks

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“Going on the song titles alone you get the impression that The Blind Dead McJones Band have a sense of humour and don’t always take themselves too seriously, but once you hear how good the album sounds, you realise the band is all about making excellent sounding blues-infused rock and whilst a little quirky in places, ‘Everybody’s Making Lemonade’ does just that.” Rock and Roll Creations

“Everybody’s Making Lemonade”- if Nick Cave and Tom Waits had a baby in a hospital built by a young Bruce Springsteen with Dr Feelgood on gas and air it would sound like this. Every city needs a mad preacher to berate its sinners, Alabama (formerly known as ‘Leeds”) take heed!” Buzz Longpencil


Debut Album
“Last Resort Mexico”
Is out now!

“Last Resort Mexico” is on the loose! Read the reviews and get your own copy from the Blind Dead McStore or from any of our gigs!

Opening track “Blind Dead McJones” is Nominated for the “Kevin Thorpe Award for Original British Blues Song” at the 2013 British Blues Awards!

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